Guest Artist Program


NMSA’s Guest Artist Program is a critical piece of the curricula as well as central to the mission of the organization. The Guest Artist Program augments our students’ technical skills, provides mentors and real-life examples of what can be achieved, expands imaginations as to what can be dreamt, and supports and inspires our regular teaching staff.

NMSA students report that the Guest Artist Program is one of the most meaningful parts of their learning at the school, connecting them to real-world, working artists in the disciplines of Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts, and modeling next steps for what is possible with their creative work.


2016-2017 Guest Artists at NMSA

  • Sey Ahn (General Music Topics)

  • Seymour Bernstein (Piano)

  • Calidore String Quartet (String Quartet)

  • Alejandro M. Cremaschi (Piano)

  • Ellie Dehn

  • ENMU Choir

  • Karl Hoffman

  • Katy Houska (Clown Workshop for Theater Students)

  • Larry Livingston (Gen Music Topics)

  • Michael McGarrity (Creative Writing)

  • Oklahoma City University Faculty String Quartet

  • Pablo Piantino (Dance Masterclass)

  • Penny Saunders (Guest Choreographer for Winter Dances)

  • Dario Robleto (Time Capsule Project in collaboration with SITE Santa Fe)

  • Jock Soto (Ballet Masterclass)

  • Rulan Tangen (Dance Masterclass)

  • Quinn Wharton (Guest Choreographer for Winter Dances)

  • Richard White (Gen Music Topics)

  • Voces 8 (Vocal Masterclass and Musical Performance)

Highlights from our Guest Artist Program

  • Francisco Avina (Dance)

  • Nocona Burgess (Painting)

  • Ricardo Cate

  • Wendy Chapin (Audition Technique for college admissions)

  • Jasper Strings Orchestra (through Santa Fe Pro Musica)

  • Katharine Lee (Painting)

  • Dana Levin (Creative Writing)

  • Daniel Murray (Drama Chair, South Carolina Governor’s School for Arts & Humanities)

  • Joe Price (Program Director, BFA Actor Training Program at University of Minnesota)

  • Ann Reinking (Jazz Dance class)

  • Miriam Sagan (Creative Writing)

  • Ven Voisey (3D Kinetics/Robotics)

  • Piers Watson (Luted Crucible)