All for One
All Visual Arts Exhibition



Each year in the early Fall, the Visual Arts Department at NMSA launches the school year with an all department exhibition:  “All for One”.  Students are given a set of gentle parameters, this year was open to work 8″ x 10″, and given an opportunity to develop their own vision and voice in the creation of a unique artwork.

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To inquire about purchasing an artwork, please contact:
Karina Hean, Visual Arts Chair 505-372-8432 | karina.hean@nmsa-ai.org

Note: NFS = not for sale.  Shipping requires extra charges, to be determined

Due to Covid-19, we cannot safely gather in the gallery together to enjoy this exhibition.  The VAD hope you enjoy this virtual version.  More artwork and documentation of the exhibition will be coming soon and added to this webpage.    

About the Process

Each Visual Arts student determines the media, imagery, and concept in the creation of a new work to enter into “All for One”.  To prepare, the Visual Arts Department sets aside three dedicated studio days to brainstorm, develop, evaluate, revise, and resolve their submission.  Visual Arts Instructors and Visual Art student peer mentor/ees meet with one another for feedback and guidance.  A key pre-professional skillset being developed in each exhibition at NMSA is that of backward planning from a deadline.  Negotiating the knowns and unknowns of the creative process, creating thoughtful, well-crafted works ready for exhibition, documentation, inventory submission forms, and pricing are also supported throughout this learning experience.