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Event Underwriting

Designate your gift of $2,500 to a specific performance, production, exhibition or outreach event and enjoy the special benefits listed below:

–  Recognition on your event’s Program Book cover
–  Your name on the event poster and collateral
–  Invitation to a meeting with an Arts Chair



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Española Outreach • Southern New Mexico Outreach


Student Scholarships

NMSA Dormitory Scholarship - $10,000/student/year
This program is the foundation of NMSA’s statewide character: it allows students from across New Mexico to take advantage of the educational opportunities at NMSA. Few families can afford the maximum cost of $9,500 that NMSA requests, and although NMSA offers a generous sliding scale, and never turns away a student whose family cannot afford even the lowest rung of that scale, most end up partly or fully subsidized by our operating budget, at an annual cost of approximately $245,000.

Arts Training Scholarship - $5,000/student/year

NMSA provides a minimum of 2,000 hours of mastery arts training for each student every year. Expenses for one student’s training includes, but is not limited to, salaries for professional art teachers, performance and exhibition expenses, the Guest Artist Program, Music Lab, art supplies, arts textbooks – every aspect of the NMSA mastery arts training curriculum.


–  Major events (8 per/year) Program Book recognition on the Scholarships Page
–  Invitations to Master Classes w/ Guest Artists
–  Dinner w/ your sponsored student at the Student Retreat Center / Lunch w/ your sponsored artist

Arts Department Sponsorships

Arts Department Sponsorship - $25,000
An annual Arts Department Sponsorship allows NMSA Art Chairs in Music, Dance, Theater, and Visual Arts to allocate more of their slender budgetary resources to providing high quality mastery arts training to our students.

Guest Artist Underwriting - $2,500/artist

This program is invaluable to a true mastery arts education, as it exposes students to working artists who demonstrate professional standards of practice, performance, and exhibition. Master classes and demonstrations by Guest Artists also give students an idea of the rigors and demands of a career in the arts. Guest Artists spend up to a week at NMSA, helping to broaden students’ artistic horizons, increase their understanding of what they are capable of, and inspire greater determination. Guest Artists are drawn from regional, national, and international areas, and thus include costs for travel, lodging, per diem, and when applicable, special supplies. Guest Artists have included luminaries such as former New York City Ballet star Jock Soto, Joe Price of the University of Minnesota-B.F.A. Theatre Program, famed Diné artist Will Wilson, and renowned pianist Cecile Likad.

Software & Technology - $1,000

In today’s world, media and graphic arts are exploding fields that offer dozens of employment opportunities. Media Arts is one of the fastest growing departments at NMSA, and if NMSA is to continue to remain competitive with other schools in attracting the most ambitious students in this field, it must keep its equipment up to date. New software applications, digital drawing tablets, Notebooks, cabling, camera recording devices, all ensure that our students learn coding, processing, game design, photography, virtual reality, and other emergent media technology. While primarily serving Media and Graphic Arts, these technologies are also important to traditional studio arts majors, who must be able to use these technologies to photograph their work, put together online portfolios, and submit those portfolios to colleges and universities, competitions, galleries, and potential employers.

Arts Supplies - $500

These are a given in any art school – no matter how many or much paint, clay, paper, musical scores, music stands, textbooks in Music Theory or Understanding Shakespeare’s Language, theatre makeup and wigs, or dance shoes we have – we never seem to have enough. You may direct a donation for “Arts Supplies” to any department – it will always find a welcome!


–  Major events (8 per/year) Program Book recognition on the Sponsorship Page
–  ArtSpring Program recognition on Department Page
–  Dinner w/ the Director of Arts (for Arts Department Sponsors only)