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Residential students live in the San Juan Building at 50 Mount Carmel Rd., Santa Fe, NM located near the NMSA campus, during the week. We are currently building a dormitory onsite at the school. This is predicted to be completed by the start of the spring semester of 2024.

Residential students share a dormitory room with another student (based upon gender identity, age, and compatibility, and assigned by residential staff).

The Residential Director(RD) and Residential Assistant(RA) live with and supervise students on the Residential Campus. All residential staff are trained in first aid and CPR.

Residential students are provided breakfasts and dinners at the Residential Campus. Lunch is available for purchase at our classroom campus; free and reduced lunch applications are available in the front office.

Residential students are transported to and from the NMSA Campus each day by public bus, which is free for students.

Residential students return home each weekend or make parent-arranged alternatives. The Residential Program concludes each Friday morning and reopens at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Student access to the Residential Campus will not be granted when the Residential Program and dorms are closed.

The Residential Program does not include an on-site health care provider. Access to community healthcare providers will be facilitated as needed with prior parental approval.

The fee for the Residential Program is $9,500.00 per student per year. The payment structure is based on a sliding scale fee. Students seeking to live in the dorm must apply for financial assistance annually. No student will be denied admission to the residential program due to inability to pay.

Once a student is admitted to New Mexico School for the Arts they may apply to the Residential Program. NMSA considers the following in making its Residential Program decisions:

  • The student's ability to live in a dormitory setting, as demonstrated in the audition and applications.
  • Geographic distance from the student's current place of residence to the School. The residential Program is open to students whose home address is 65 miles or further away from the school address.
  • Availability of spaces at the dorm facility.

One of the benefits of the Residential Program is that it is more than just a place where students sleep - it becomes a home away from home for everybody. Part of living in a community home means taking responsibility for the shared living space, including cleanliness, noise levels, activities, privacy, and possessions. All of these become the responsibility of residential students and staff. If a residential student does not adhere to Residential Program policies, they will be asked to leave the Residential Program. Further information on program policies will be provided by the Residential Director.

We will have approximately 44 spaces available for residential students during the 2023-2024 school year.