Student Support Services



Special Education

Lisa Oberteuffer, Special Education Coordinator
(505) 310-4194, ext. 110

Student Support Services

The New Mexico School for the Arts offers a range of services to ensure that every student has the social-emotional and academic tools they need to succeed in high school, and that students and parents get plenty of time and support for college career and post-secondary planning, including scholarship identification and application.

As a part of this, through NMSA’s 9th Grade Academy course, all students are taught non-cognitive skills, such as growth mindset, organization, time management, self-assessment, self-advocacy and note-taking; close reading skills, such as annotation and text-dependent questioning; social-emotional skills, including cooperative learning, communicating with teachers and stress management; and test-taking skills.

The school also provides special education services to students with disabilities and gifted students. and mental health support services to students who need it.

9th Grade Academy

This course prepares all 9th graders for academic and social-emotional success as high school students. Students will study non-cognitive skills (growth mindset, organization, time management, self-assessment, self-advocacy, note-taking, college preparation); close reading skills (annotation, text features, text-dependent questioning); social-emotional skills (cooperative learning, communicating with teachers, stress management); and test-taking skills.