Arts Mastery Training

Pre-Professional Arts Education

NMSA offers pre-professional arts instruction with the goal of student mastery in the fields of Creative Writing & Literature, Dance, Music (voice or instrumental), Theatre, and Visual Arts.

Each arts discipline is rooted in classic core standards that provide a strong foundation for further study or entry into the arts profession. NMSA students participate in an extended school day, structured to provide three hours of daily advanced arts training, taught by professional artists, in the student’s area of focus. This includes technical, creative, and historical instruction.

NMSA helps students cultivate their own artistic voice, fostering broad intellectual development, so that in addition to developing strong technique, students will begin to refine their personal artistic vision and purpose, and the means to communicate that vision through their art.

To help achieve this, NMSA’s arts curriculum includes a rich array of in-class coursework, studio work, in-the-field instruction, presentations, performances, exhibitions and internships. Guest artists, master teachers and partnerships with other arts institutions regularly complement daily instruction.


Visual Arts


Creative Writing


Cinematic Arts