Mission + Governance

MISSION STATEMENT: NMSA provides access to a rigorous mastery arts and academic high school education for youth with passion and aptitude for the arts, leading to post-secondary learning, careers in the arts, and lives that contribute to society.

Governing Council

Michael Kaplan, Chair

Bill Beacham, Vice Chair

Doddie Espinosa de Ortega, Secretary

Trina Raper, Treasurer

Cynthia Nava, Member

Chelamia Quintana, Member

NMSA is a state charter high school. It operates in accordance with the New Mexico Charter Schools Act and its charter, issued by the New Mexico State Public Education Commission. The Governing Council of the NMSA is responsible for its operations and has the power to carry out its educational mission, and holds meetings at times and places that will be posted in accordance with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act.

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*Any person interested in more information about the school or the meetings of the Governing Council may contact Assistant Business Manager Gayle McGuiness at (505) 310-4194.

Board of Directors

Carl Thoma, Chair

Pamela Saunders-Albin, Vice Chair

William Miller, Treasurer

Cynthia Nava, Secretary

The NMSA – Art Institute is a nonprofit arts educational institution. It operates in accordance with the purposes set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and the New Mexico Nonprofit Corporation Act. The Board of Directors is responsible for its operations and has the power to carry out its educational mission.

Laurie B. Arnold
Stephen Arnold
Ian Brownlow
Valerie Diker
Natalie Fitz-Gerald
Charlotte Hetherington
James Hindman
Matthew Martinez
Amy McCombs
Dee Ann McIntyre
Cynthia Nava

Sarah Nolan
Sarah Smith Orr
Aaron Payne
Deborah Potter
Holly Rice
Mary Rohman
Mary Sloane
Nick Telles
Garret Thornburg
Elmer Torres
Madeleine Wright

Directors Emeriti: Catherine Oppenheimer (Chair Emeritus and Co-Founder), Ned Bennett, and Lee Berk.

Equity Council 2023-2024

Our equity council members represent all student groups including students with disabilities, Native Americans, English learners, the economically disadvantaged, African Americans, Asian Pacific, and LGBTQ+. Members include students, families, school leadership, teaching staff, and community members.

Liza Stewart
Jolene Vigil
Eric Crites
Shani Harvie
Doddie Espinosa de Ortega
Suzanne Teng
Sabrina Cook
Phillip Lopez
Rafa Tarin
Marangellie Trujillo
Roan Lucero
Gibraltar ‘G’ Farrell

Their goal this year is to examine NMSA’s hiring process and make suggestions on improving equitable practice. They will also be examining curriculum content and making suggestions for culturally and linguistically responsive material.