Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department at NMSA offers four years of scaffolded learning that balances an attention to skill and concept building in the making of visual communication.

The four-year Visual Arts curriculum is designed to expose students to a breadth of visual arts experience through exposure to diverse materials, tools, and processes (including 2D, 3D, and 4D – digital and analog) preparing them for successful application and first-year engagement in fine arts college-level learning or related arts career pre-professional experiences.

Through the process of making and revising, accompanied by frequent critique, we aim to grow students’ critical, making, and creative problem solving skills, and the self-awareness needed to be successful in any field as engaged, self-expressed citizens.

Guest Artist Program

Tony O'Brien


Lucrecia Troncoso

Micaceous Clay / Sculpture

Rick Yoshimoto

Axle Contemporary Guest Artist

Jami Porter Lara

Ceramic Artist

Earl McBride


Kathleen McCloud

Axle Contemporary Guest Artist

Dario Robleto

Transdisciplinary Artist, Researcher, Writer, Teacher

Curtis Tawlst Santiago

SITE Santa Fe Guest Artist

Debbie & Charlie Carillo

Micaceous Clay Artists

Brandon Gunn

Education Director, UNM Tamarind Press Institute

We believe a student’s passion for the arts can propel them to success in every aspect of life. We are committed to fostering that success by providing a strong foundation for artistic and academic growth in an inclusive and challenging environment that encourages exploration, expands imagination and cultivates creativity.

Karina Hean

Visual Arts Department Chair

If you have questions regarding curriculum or anything about the Visual Arts program, please contact Karina Hean or use our Contact form and someone from the team will respond shortly.