Visual Arts Department

Annual Junior Year Exhibition 2021

for mature audiences only – viewing is formatted for computer screen 

“Unpredictable Curiosity I” (l)

“Not How I Envisioned” (c)

“Unpredictable Curiosity II” (r)

digital photography by Hailey Chanler


In junior year, Visual Arts students at NMSA begin to delve deeper into experiments with media and concepts of their own choosing, supported by the Junior Conceptual Concerns spring semester course and the foundations work of freshman and sophomore years.  What results is a wild array of diverse creations, ideas, and media for a group exhibition while also indicating the unique direction of each artist’s current creative investigation.

This exploration is guided by research, brainstorming, reflection, peer and faculty feedback, professional backward planning skills, and a deepening of their self-awareness and goals for personal expression.  “Envision” provides a platform to share this initial innovative work.  The group exhibition showcases specific pieces created by the students in January and February 2021 while learning virtually and at a distance due to Covid-19.  

NMSA-AI and the Visual Arts Department are thankful for the continued and generous support of the
Hayes Foundation and the Stranahan Foundation.

“Growth Sweater Series”


by Elena Bunker Ruiz 

4″ x 3″ each   embroidery thread, acrylic and alpaca yarns, found fabric, hand knit sweater, photograph

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

click right arrow to view 9 page short comic

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 1

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 2

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 3

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 4

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 5

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 6

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 7


“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 8

“Remarkably Kind”

by Helayna Bell

page 9

“Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”

a series by Magdalene Sanchez

11″ x 14″ each  watercolor, gouache

“Chapter 1   Misplaced”

“Chapter 2   Isolation”

                                               “Chapter 3   Escapism”

“Chapter 4   Reflection”

“Land of Dreams”

animation, 38 seconds

by Na’il Currie

(for mature audiences only/warning: depiction of self-harm)

“YOU are the Artist”

Interactive Sound Drawing Response, 6:18 minute video

by Aidan Salladin-LaChance


by Clara West

24″ x 24″   egg tempura, string on recycled board

“First Memory”

a short story read by the artist



13″ x 8.5″   ink on paper drawing, story and reading

by Annabella Hill

“On the Finer Things”   1 minute video   Saint Garrett

“Blanket”   3 minute video   Cruz Davis-Martinez