A Winning Equation

Arts, Academics & Excellence

NMSA students—with the support of our dedicated faculty and leadership—have accomplished an exceptional feat!

In the spring of 2023, NMSA students achieved an impressive 58-point increase in their SAT scores, surpassing both state and national averages. This remarkable achievement highlights our students’ tenacity, determination, and growth mindset—and the strength of our curriculum, which seamlessly integrates rigorous academics with mastery arts training.

The impact of NMSA’s approach is also reflected in our students’ extraordinary 32-point gain in reading and writing scores. Despite a 2-point decline in national averages, NMSA students continue to showcase their mastery of the written word.

And there’s more good news to celebrate!

Our students’ dedication to academic excellence also shines through in their 26-point surge in math scores. This achievement is especially remarkable when considered alongside a statewide decline of 10 points and a 4-point drop in national scores. These strides reaffirm that our students aren’t just artistically gifted; they are also exceptionally well-prepared academically.

The Art of Success

Our unique integration of academics and arts enhances our students’ cognitive abilities, providing a platform for our students to excel across disciplines. At NMSA, the journey of self-determination and academic excellence truly begins with a brush stroke or a single note—and in addition to stellar SAT scores, we believe it’s not only about what our students achieve or create; it’s about who they become in the process.

As we inspire young artists to thrive academically and artistically, we simultaneously prepare them for a future where creativity and innovation are prized skills. Beyond specific careers in the arts industry, NMSA equips students with abilities that are highly valued across countless professions: critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Our commitment to academic excellence and artistic mastery is an investment in a future where our students are poised to make a lasting impact.