ArtSpring 2023: An Inside Look

Tickets for ArtSpring 2023 are available now!

Visual Arts’ Collaboration with Dance for an ArtSpring 2023 Performance, “Bugbear”

“Bugbear,” choreographed by Dance Co-Chair Fernando Ramos for ArtSpring, explores the concept of anxiety and its relationship to the body and movement. Visual Arts’ sculpture and printmaking students pulled inspiration from the dance, and are developing prints for the dance students’ costumes as well as constructing seven-foot tall sculptures for the set!

Printmaking Students Develop Prints for Dancers’ Costumes:

Visual Arts Chair, Karina Hean, shares how the collaboration between the two departments came together, along with the printmaking students’ process of creating relief blocks. The patterns on these blocks will be printed on muslin that will adorn dancers’ costumes, and on fabric to embellish sculpture students’ set pieces!

Sculpture Students Create 7 ft. Tall Structures for the ArtSpring Stage:

Students Tania Pizano ’25 and Ciela Stillings ‘25 join Visual Arts Instructor, Liam Daly, to discuss how sculpture students conducted a jury selection to determine which students’ concept would be workshopped into 7 ft. tall set pieces. They also provide a sneak peak into how these impressive structures are built!

Tickets are selling fast! Be sure to get yours today for performance happening March 16 & 17 at the James A. Little Theater in Santa Fe.