Governor Bill Richardson; A Champion of Arts Education

We want to extend a posthumous thank you to Governor Bill Richardson for his visionary support of NMSA. 

During his tenure as Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson played a crucial role in the establishment of NMSA. In an historic move in 2008, Senate Bill 34 was signed into New Mexico law, with Governor Richardson’s endorsement, establishing NMSA as the state’s first legislatively-created public arts school. 

His instrumental role in establishing NMSA as the first legislatively-created public arts school in the state’s history has had a profound impact on the lives of countless students. His dedication to fostering artistic talent and providing opportunities for young artists has left a lasting legacy in the state of New Mexico. Governor Richardson’s commitment to the arts and education will continue to be celebrated and appreciated, and we express our gratitude for his enduring contribution to the creative spirit of New Mexico.

Read Governor Richardson’s Obituary in the New York Times. Photo credit: NYT.