#BuildNMSA – Construction Update #5

Walls Going Up!

Construction is coming along nicely! As you can see from the picture below, the view of the north lot is beginning to show a lot more character! Roof is on and insulation is getting ready to be put in, so let’s take a look inside…

Building B – Former Borders

Building B is looking even better! The walls have already been laid in for the most part and are in the process of being painted. Not much light getting in here! And as you can see below the practice rooms and other student spaces are really starting to take shape!

Butler Foley

Butler Foley is looking even better! Footings have been replaced and steel support beams and posts are in. The pentile brick has been reinforced with concrete. Getting ready for internal renovations!

Raise the roof! Supporting structures for the roof of the second floor dance studio coming along.

It’s been an exciting journey and we are all excited to see our dreams become reality. Thanks so much for checking in and stay tuned for the next update!