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New Mexico School for the Arts

Mindful awareness


Learn to be aware of what your





need from you to walk in wisdom.


Meditation is a way to be mindful


Meditation can be:

grounding and stabilizing

calming and restorative


and can enhance creativity

YOU decide what you need in any moment.


Quick Start
Introduction to Practicing Mindful Awareness in the Classroom

Mindful Body


Sit comfortably

Back Upright

Uncross your arms and legs

Relaxed but alert

Mindful Posture

*If you are okay with it…close your eyes or if you prefer, gaze gently downward.

TIP: If you are aware that a part of your body feels tight, be kind to your body and gently try to relax it more.   

Mindful Listening


What sounds do you hear?

Do they distract you?

Is it a sound you can focus on and let it relax you more?
Like the hum of an engine.

Are you hearing lots of your own thoughts and concerns?
If so, can you practice just seeing them and letting them pass by without judgment or anxiety?

TIP: Try focusing on the in and out of your breath. You can use your breath to help calm your thoughts.


Mindful Breathing


Relax into your breath

Notice where is your breath in your body?
In your throat, the upper part of your chest?
Can you deepen it?

Is your breath fast?
Is it shallow?

If so, can you slow it down even a little bit?

Play with how fast or how slow your breath is.  
How does that change your energy?

You decide:
In this moment, do you need to build your energy or calm your energy?

TIP: See how breathing slowly and deeply in through your nose and slowly and gently out through your mouth changes things.


Before you open your eyes, set an intent within yourself that will enhance your focus and joy for the day!