Updates from NMSA

Dear NMSA Community,

Snow is in the forecast! We wanted to share information about what to expect in case of weather delays or closures, as well as a few other updates.

Weather Delay/Early Dismissal/Closure
There are three ways weather can impact the school day: a delay, early dismissal, or closure. In all cases, we will send out notifications via robotext, robocall, and email. We will also post closure information to local TV stations.

Delay: If we have a morning delay, classes will start at 10:00 a.m. Please arrive by 9:50 in order to get to your class on time. In case of the possibility of a cancellation, students taking the Rail Runner, please wait for the 9:35 a.m. train departure before heading to NMSA. For students who travel by RTD, please wait for the 10:00 a.m. Eldorado departure. For students who use Park and Ride Routes, please use the later bus, if there is one. Any missed class time due to weather will be excused.

Early Dismissal: In a case of deteriorating weather or road conditions during the school day, we may dismiss students from school early. If this occurs, we will ask students to immediately contact a parent/guardian in order to make a plan for getting safely home. We will make sure all students have a way to get home safely.

Closure: In a case where we know the evening before or early enough in the morning that weather and road conditions will necessitate it, we will close school for the day. When this occurs, all classes are cancelled and after-school activities or performances are also cancelled.

We are not a part of Santa Fe Public Schools. However, because of our location, if Santa Fe Public Schools issues a delay or closure, we will also issue a delay or closure. That said, since our students reside all over the state, we may also issue a delay or closure even on a day when SFPS does not do this. Our priority is safety, so if it is dangerous to drive/commute in your area, even if we do not delay or cancel school, please stay home until it is safe, and notify the front office (505-310-4194). Weather-related absences or tardies will be excused.

Updates from Advisory
Yesterday, Mr. Crites shared some information and updates with students during Advisory. Please click the following link to learn more about what we discussed:

Finals Week
As we shared before, during finals week students are only required to be on campus during times when they have a final exam, mandatory department activity, or scheduled department one-on-one. The exception: students who have any Ds or Fs will be required to be on campus until they are caught up or have all Cs or higher. A study hall space with support will be provided.
Schedule available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HODIfZRMZHF7Py25ngn5OvqSIwmYXcCUpeu9rnF8LoE/edit?usp=sharing

On-Site COVID Testing
We are now able to do free on-demand testing at NMSA. We have both antigen and PCR tests available. If you wish to have your student take a test, please contact Brandy Avila at 505-310-4194 or bavila@nmschoolforthearts.org.

Soon, we will implement our opt-in surveillance testing program. The Public Education Department is requiring that schools offer this program in order to try to provide surveillance testing to 25% of unvaccinated students per week. Surveillance testing will occur on Wednesday mornings. Again, this program is opt-in and not required. More information and permission forms for that program will be sent soon.

Music Tonight!
Please join us on zoom tonight at 7p.m. for an encore performance of the Music Department’s Fall/Winter Concert, which was recorded last Wednesday at our new cafeteria.
Join Zoom Meeting
https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82123735632 (ID: 82123735632)

Santa Fe Opera – Free Tickets
The Santa Fe Opera has commissioned a new work, Hometown to the World, which will premiere at the Lensic next week.  The SFO would like to extend free tickets to the NMSA community for the matinee on 12/19 – faculty and staff but particularly students and families.

Link to request complimentary tickets: https://forms.gle/foemEhzQr6tJrohn6

Inspired by the devastating Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in Postville, IA in 2008, Hometown to the World is a 75 minute opera (sung in English, Spanish and Hebrew) that focuses on three archetypes from the devastated town: a Guatemalan immigrant, a middle aged lutheran farmer and a young gay Hasidic jew all in turmoil after that tragic day. They find hope in community and their shared humanity.


  • Music Dept. Honors Recital: Friday, December 17, 7:00 p.m.
  • Winter Break: December 18-January 3 (teacher inservice on January 3, so students return on January 4)
  • Martin Luther King Holiday: January 17
  • Graduation: May 26, 2022, 12:00 p.m. at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center